Kids arts and crafts classes

KraftyLab Kids classes and workshops offer educational, fun, hands on experiences that allow kids to explore science, arts and crafts.

If you have a creative artisan at home who loves to create, we have Soap Making Class.

For the kids who loves Science and computers, we have a STEM Electric Circuits class

Come visit us at our KraftyLab Studio in Emerson NJ.

Soap Making Classes in Emerson NJ

soap making Classes for kids

The KraftyLab Soap Making Class is a fun and unique way to spend time with family and friends. Our instructors walk you through the soap making process where you will create your own bars of soap. Each guest will make 2 bars of soap using seasonally available fragrances, molds, and colors.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Ages: 7+

STEM Classes - Electric Circuit Class

STEM: Basics of electric circuits

This electric circuit class will give your young engineers a crash course in the basics of building circuits. We begin with an overview of materials which covers a little bit of history and origin of circuit building. We then cover the science and function of batteries, LEDs, and resistors. Using the knowledge from the basic tutorial, we get into the hands on portion of the class where everyone gets to build their own circuit and learn about incorporating buttons and sensors. We will finish the class with free play where each attendee will combine both their personal creativity and newfound technical skills to build something special.

The workshop encourages young people not only to learn important foundations in STEM from the instructors but to use basic skills to innovate independently and think critically.

Duration: 1 hour

Ages: 8+

Terrarium Making Classes

terrarium making class

Our terrariums making classes teaches the basics of putting together and taking care of a succulent plant. We provide all the tools and materials needed to create the healthy environment for your planted pet.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Ages: 8+