Crafty Party Activities



Crafty Party Activities


We bring people together to create unique, hand-made crafts

KraftyLab’s goal is to inspire. We provide the setting for engaging and meaningful connections through creative, fun and unique crafty parties.

Spending time with the people we love, in a world that is very fast paced, can be a challenge, and we want to make those experiences memorable. You don't need any skills or experience to enjoy our parties. We promise you will always walk away with creative, yet functional products that you can be proud of showing off ... because you made them!

Party craft activities

Arts & Crafts - Gardening - Cooking

New York - New Jersey

KraftyLab brings on-site party craft activities to any party, corporate event, kids birthday party, and private event, in New York and New Jersey.

  • We bring all the materials necessary.

  • Our amazing instructors will lead creative and unique activities that your guests will enjoy and remember.

  • Your guests get to make something cool, and they can take home their cool crafts.

  • We bring our craft parties to you, anywhere in New Jersey & New York.

To inquire about our corporate events, kids birthday parties or private events, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Soap Making Party

There is something about soap making that is just relaxing, and fun.

For up to 2 hours, your team members and guests can sit down and make soap using a large selection of molds, fragrances, and colors to make quality bars of soap with a creative spin!

Terrarium Making

Now this is just naturally AWESOME! Terrariums are glass globes that house plants. Choose from a selection of native or non-native cacti species to build your own terrarium.

Our instructors will walk you through the process of putting together your own desert in a globe.

Chocolate Making

Learn the history of chocolate making, while making chocolate ganache, and creating delicious truffles.

We only use high quality chocolate, and our instructors are experts who will guide you and your guests in this yummy chocolate making party.

Craft Parties

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Private Parties

Kids Parties

Craft Parties

Corporate Events

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Kids Parties

Event and party entertainment made simple!

You host - We provide creative party Activities

Fun Crafty Corporate Events Activities in New York & New Jersey

We offer unique and creative crafty activities for corporate events, office parties, business conventions, marketing events, and team building.

We understand the importance of team bonding during and after work hours. Our party activities offer a great way for teams to unwind during the process of soap making, terrarium creation or truffle making while working on team building and bonding.

Cool party and birthday party ideas and activities for adults in NYC and NJ

Wow and entertain your guests with our unique party craft activities.

Our creative and fun hands-on activities are designed for any type of adults parties, birthday parties and private parties. From large gatherings, to small and intimate get together, we can help you make your party a success.

Crafty Kids Birthday Parties &  activities in New Jersey and New York

KraftyLab Kids Birthday Party activities are fun, unique and cool, and they have been tested and approved by young kids, tweens and teenagers. You can choose between our arts and crafts theme, gardening or science theme kids birthday party.



Whether your corporate event or private party is in New Jersey, or anywhere in New York City, we bring our on-site party activities to your event. We bring all the materials necessary for our activities, and our experienced instructors will lead the events that your guests will sure enjoy.

We are constantly looking to adding more cities and counties, so feel free to reach out to inquire about your area.



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