Soap Making Workshop

The KraftyLab soap workshop is a fun and unique way to spend time with friends and family. Our instructors walk you through the soap making process where you will create your own unique soap masterpiece!

Terrarium Workshop

Now this is just naturally AWESOME! Terrariums are glass globes that house plants. Choose from a selection of native or non-native cacti species to build your own terrarium. Our instructors will walk you through the process of putting together your own desert in a globe.

Basics of stem: Circuits

In this workshop, we will give your young engineers a crash course in the basics of circuits. We begin with an overview of the materials, which goes into both the origins and functions of things like batteries, LEDs, resistors, and more. Next, they’ll start building their own circuits, incorporating elements like buttons and sensors. We’ll finish the workshop with free play, where each attendee will combine both their personal creativity and newfound technological skills to build something special.

This workshop encourages young people not only to learn important foundations in STEM from their instructors, but to use the basic skills they’ve developed to innovate independently through critical thinking and open ingenuity.

Chocolate Truffles

  • Get insight into the History of chocolate

  • Learn to make chocolate Ganache

  • Learn about flavor combinations

  • Learn culinary techniques: piping, shaping, tempering chocolate

  • Take home approximately 9-10 truffles with professional packaging

image (1).jpeg

Social Media iPhone photography workshop

Intro to Social Media iPhone Product Photography

Learn to take better photos of your products using your iPhone. We will be focusing on tips and tricks to create photos your clients would want to like and share.


Natural light: How to take advantage of natural light to enhance your product photography.


Basic Styling: Learn how to “pose” your products.


Basic phone photo editing: To filter, or not to filter, that is the question, or learn how to edit with your phone, and avoid filters all together.


Who is this photography class for?

This class is for artisans, artists, florists, chefs, cake designers, jewelry makers, small business owners or entrepreneurs who want to improve their iPhone photography skills to take better photos of their products.


What do I need to bring?

iPhone 6+ and up, or another smartphone with high quality camera.

Bring a sample product, or dummy.

We encourage you to bring a small prop or two to style your product.


What you’ll get…

You’ll leave this class with a Social Media ready photo and caption.

Knowledge to do it on your own.

Meet other like minded entrepreneurs and artists.



14 Emerson Plaza West

Emerson, NJ 07630