Terrarium Making Group Class


Terrarium Making Group Class

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Terrarium Making Group Class

KraftyLab offers private events at our Emerson Party Studio. Great for Girl’s Night out, Family crafty night, or Parent Meetings.

Location: KraftyLab - 14 Emerson Plz W, Emerson, NJ 07630

$320 for first 8 guests + $25/ Additional Guest + Tax

$38 each additional guest

The Process

Our terrarium making class provides all the tools, plants, and materials needed to make your own plant environment. Terrariums are glass globes that house plants, and now you can learn how to create your very own terrarium even if you think you don’t have a green thumb.

Choose from a selection of native or non-native cacti species to build your own terrarium. Our instructors will walk you through the process of putting together your own desert in a globe. There are 5 stages of the design process:

1. Choosing your Succulents

2. Creating the ecological environment for your succulent to survive.

3. Planting the succulent in the terrarium dome.

4. Adding decorations

5. Summary on long term care for your living succulent

The terrarium can be a great addition to the office, lively plant for the home, or gift for someone special.