Biochemistry Literacy for Kids


Biochemistry Literacy for Kids



Starts: October 27

Time: 11AM - 12:30PM

Grades 4-7

This class meets for 6 sessions.

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Biochemistry Literacy for Kids is a unique learning program that brings comprehensive college science curricula to elementary students. The class uses innovative, kid-friendly teaching methods and custom-designed digital tools to make advanced concepts in science accessible and incredibly rewarding.

By allowing kids to explore chemistry early in their lives increases the chance for success when they take upper level science classes. One of the reasons students have difficulty with upper level science is because they don’t get much exposure to fundamentals in chemistry or physics in their younger years and then are expected to pick up on high level concepts in a short period of time. Our understanding of chemistry has deepened over they years and we believe to ensure success, starting at an earlier age provides an enormous advantage.

KraftyLab Kids STEM Learning Center is located in Emerson, New Jersey, and it offers Science, Technology, Engineering, Coding and Math classes for kids in Bergen County, New Jersey.