Company Vision

Our mission is to inspire creativity. We bring people together to create unique, hand made crafts. The three words that best describe our workshops are:


Spending time with the people we love in a world that is very fast paced can be a challenge and want to make those experiences memorable. You don't need any skills or experience to enjoy our workshops and we promise you will always walk away with creative yet functional products that you can be proud of showing off ...because you made them!


Environmental Impact:

We have a commitment to helping improve our environment because we understand that everything we do cycles back to our planet. We know that how we interact with our environment today will impact our future. 


How we commit ourselves to a sustained environment?

1. Adaptability. 
Being mindful of the environment means that our business practices maintain standards to reduce waste and reliance on plastic. The environment is always changing and what we also grow in what we learn everyday so when we find a better way of doing things that helps maintain a healthier environment, we ADAPT. 

2. Charity
We have partnered with an organization that we believe aligns in our values to help work towards and maintain a sustainable planet.